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The Trolley Problem - A Sidenote

Meandering around tumblr, I found this: an interactive version of The Trolley Problem, a classic from Philippa Foot. It runs through four of the scenarios, most of which involve some variation of flipping a switch or not as a train comes down a set of tracks. I don’t want to say too much more; you should check it out. Seriously. It’ll take five minutes of your life. And the 80’s video game graphics are priceless.

Totally unrelated to that, I’ve linked my tumblr up with Disqus, which allows comments to be added this blog’s posts. For whatever reason, tumblr doesn’t have a comments feature, so you have to import it. Now you can discuss to your hearts’ content. Or heart’s content… I’m not sure how many of you are reading.

  • 23 January 2012
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